20 Times Where Star Maps Make the Perfect Gift

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had that moment where we’re in a pinch and need a gift. But what are you going to buy? Personalized gifts can be expensive and it’s difficult to know exactly what that special person will like. A few google searches and texts to friends later, you’re still stuck. You’re close to going with a gift card and candy but a friend tells you to check out the star maps from Map Your Night! That’s where we come in. 

We are MapYourNight - a small star map business founded by Claire, lover all of all things romance, adventure and well, stars! Claire’s love of the stars was born through her many travels. She wanted a way to capture her special memories and so star maps were born! Claire envisioned star maps as the perfect gift that would encapsulate a memory for a lifetime. 

Claire has since shared her love with besties Humphrey and Reagan - star map experts! Claire favors the simplicity of the white star map while Reagan favors the black on black constellation star map. Humphrey, well, he can’t pick just one! Star maps for everyone! 

Now, let’s get to it!

What is a Star Map?

A star map is poster-sized map that features the stars, constellations and galaxies on the night of your choice, viewed from any location you choose! Star maps can be as personal as you want! Make your star map unique with custom locations, custom fonts, and phrases that the special person in your life will love. As far as what to say on a star map, we have a lot of ideas for you.

Star maps come in a multitude of color options. We know how difficult it is to match a star map to someone else’s aesthetic - that’s why we offer our star maps in plenty of colors to pick from! If your special someone loves everything white, bright and simple - the white star map is just for you! Need something dark, moody and trendy? Go for a navy blue star map! And well, when in doubt, you simply can’t go wrong with the black on black star map. How will you choose?!

Now, the hard part. What should I write? We’re here to help! We want to show your recipient or yourself that memories last a lifetime.

We know the weight a memory can hold and we here at MapYourNight.com wanted to provide 20 occasions where a star map makes the perfect gift. Trust us, we’re experts! *wink*

1. The First Day You Met

We all dream of the moment we lock eyes with our soulmate. Or maybe you’ve already had that moment and want to replay it for years to come! Seal your memory with a star map of the night sky from the day you met - after all, no matter where you are, if you look up, we all share the night sky. Customize your star map with a special phrase, nickname or simple date and gift away!

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The first day we met
  • The night we both knew it was forever
  • The day our love began
  • When our stars aligned for the first time

2. Your First Kiss

Not to get personal, but what better way to commemorate your first kiss than with a romantic gesture such as our custom star maps? Say no more? 

Customize your own star map here!

When thinking about what to write on your star map, think back to the moment your lips locked- was there a fragrance of fresh cut grass? Were you having a picnic on a sunny day? What were you wearing? Get creative and write a one-of-kind message to your lover under your gorgeous night sky. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The stars above our first kiss
  • What the night sky looked like on our first kiss
  • The day our stars crossed paths
  • One kiss that sparked a lifetime of joy

3. Your Engagement

Engagements last for months, but star maps are forever! Did you fall in love somewhere romantic? Did you get engaged in your parents backyard? Either way, we’ve got the gift for you. Your star map can be customized with the longitude and latitude of the exact location you got engaged. Share more details in the caption of your star map or leave it mysterious - just for you and your lover. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • It was written in the stars
  • The night the stars aligned
  • The day we committed to each other
  • The stars above our engagement

4. Your Wedding Day

Where were you on your wedding day? We can add a special touch to your star map with added constellations! Reflect back on the night of your life-  twinkling lights, dancing ‘til sunrise under the stars and a sparkler send off. Why not relive that memory every day with the stars from the exact night with a star map hanging in a special spot in your home. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The day we tied the knot
  • Under these stars, we said, “I do.”
  • The stars of our wedding day
  • When we said, “I do."

5. When You Graduated

Graduation only happens a couple times in your life - why not commemorate it? Maybe graduation signified the first day of the rest of your life, the end of a great chapter or maybe the beginning of a love story. No matter what color you choose, a star map is the perfect decoration to hang next to that golden diploma! 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • We did it! Class of 2021.
  • The stars on the day of commencement
  • The stars of our wedding day
  • When we said, “I do.”

Customize your own star map here!

6. The Day You Got Your Dog

We can’t deny that furry friends are extended members of our family. They deserve a special place on our walls too! Purchase a star map and consider taking it to the next level by adding your pup’s special paw prints before framing. 

Know someone who lost a furry friend? Remind them of the first day they fell in love with a star map to hang in their home. This special gesture will make them smile for years to come!

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • Our first pawversary!
  • The stars on the day we took Fido home
  • The stars on our pup’s first day home
  • When we first met Fido

7. Your Anniversary

We’ve all been stuck wondering what to get for yet another anniversary gift! The years by so quick and life changes but this gift is sure to stay. Wow the love of your life with a star map that features the day you fell in love, the day you met, the day you got married or a special memory you both share. Our star map can be customized with exact locations so get creative with the starmap you choose! 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The night our stars aligned
  • When we tied the knot
  • San Francisco, CA - the day we tied the knot
  • I love you so much

8. Your Birthday

There’s no better day than your birthday! Arguably the best day of the year! Mark your birthday on a starmap or gift a starmap to a friend as the perfect way to celebrate their life milestone. Throw in a bottle of wine and you and your star map will win best gift of the year! 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The day you came into this world
  • The day the world became brighter
  • 25/30/40 trips around the sun!
  • Happy Birthday Lily!

9. Mother’s Day

Mom’s deserve the world. Tell her how much you love her, gift her a star map with the date of your birth, her anniversary, the day she fell in love or simply the date of mother’s day. Gifts that remind mom of how she got to where she is today are always a win! A starmap can proudly hang in her closet, bathroom, living room - the possibilities are endless!

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The best Mom anyone could ask for
  • We appreciate you, Mom
  • The stars reflect my gratitude for your care
  • Thank you for being genuinely you

Customize your own star map here!

10. Father’s Day

They may not act like it, but all dads have a soft side. More importantly, all dad’s have special days they want to remember or celebrate for lifetime. Gift a starmap that does just that for father’s day. Add a frame so they can hang their starmap immediately and begin cherishing their favorite memory minutes after they open their gift. Customize the color of the star map to match their space and you’ve got the perfect gift and one happy dad!

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The best Dad ever
  • We appreciate you, Dad
  • You’re my best friend and hero
  • Thank you for all the laughs

11. Retirement Day

We work our whole lives to one day retire. Don’t you think that’s worth placing that memory on a starmap? Consider garnishing the starmap with their favorite workplace, the job where their career took off or simply the date and place of retirement. A starmap is the perfect way to make sure they feel accomplished and can relive their special day time and time again.

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • Time for the bucket list, congratulations!
  • Your impact was felt many times over
  • The stars over your retirement day
  • Now, to a life of leisure

12. Celebrate an unforgettable trip

Travel is something that we all long to do. Some only get to do it once in a lifetime! Whether your special someone is an avid traveler or has one trip they want to relive over and over again, a starmap can help capture that trip and the night sky during that special moment. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The best trip ever
  • 11/1/2018 - 11/20/2018 Euro Trip
  • What the stars looked like over Bali
  • An unforgettable experience

Customize your own star map here!

13. Celebrate an unforgettable weekend (concert, hike, etc)

Who doesn’t love to think back on a night of singing, dancing and hanging with friends? Did you get to the venue hours early? Did you scream at the top of your lungs to your favorite artist? Put that on a starmap and surprise your bestie or a superfan friend! They’ll love glancing up at their starmap and remembering the night you want to relive forever. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The best concert ever performed
  • Clairo concert 3/21/2020
  • The stars the night we hiked Half Dome
  • Our weekend getaway beneath the stars

14. Your First Home

As an adult, we reflect on memories we had as a child in specific places. Do you remember your childhood home? Or maybe you moved a lot but have one place that feels like home. Choose that location and decorate your starmap with the coordinates of the place you call home. No matter where you are in the world, your starmap will remind you of that one of a kind place. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • My childhood home
  • The stars and street where we grew up
  • Home is always where the heart is
  • The stars, my home, and my heart

15. The Birth of Your Child

Memories fade, but star maps last a lifetime. Commemorate the birth of each of your children with a star map for their rooms, your entry way, above a fireplace- you name it. Customize each star map with their name, location of birth, coordinates, constellations and a special message. Gift to your child on their birthday or purchase a starmap after each birth to lock in that memory forever. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The day you came into this world
  • What the stars looked like on your special day
  • Under the night sky, a star was born
  • The day our family grew by one

Customize your own star map here!

16. When You Pass 1k/10k/100k Followers (Follower Milestone)

Social media and virtual businesses are hard work. Reward your hard work with a different color star map for each of your milestones. Consider using your starmap in your YouTube or IG Live backgrounds. Star maps make wonderful conversation starters! 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • The day we made our dreams a reality
  • Celebrating 100k friends on Instagram
  • Under this sky, we hit 100k
  • The day we hit our goals

17. Weight Loss Journey

We’ve all experienced ups and downs with our health. Losing weight and choosing your health is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Remind yourself of your accomplishments with a star map carefully placed in a location you see every day. Whether you place your star map bedside or near your front door so you can see it every day before leaving, you can’t go wrong with celebrating your success with any of our colored star maps. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • You did it!
  • Never forget your discipline and consistency
  • Under this sky, we transformed our body
  • The beginning of the end! (in a good way ;))

18. New Personal Record for Weight Training

Records are a huge accomplishment and star maps are the perfect way to commemorate your milestones. Note the location of your personal record or the competition it took place and order a new star map to place beside it with every new record you hit. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • Record PR - 155 Lbs Deadlift
  • The day I pole vaulted 12’0”
  • First place, Rubiks cube competition 2020
  • Career low round of 68 at Pebble Beach Golf Links

Customize your own star map here!

19. Record Round of Golf

Hobbies keep us healthy and so do setting new goals for ourselves! Order a star map to mark your best round ever and shoot for the stars so you can continue adding to your star map collection!

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • Career low round of 68 at Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • Reached for the stars, and shot under par
  • The day I broke par
  • The day I played like Tiger Woods for 4 hours

20. Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend

The final hoorah is a memory that lasts a lifetime for so many. Honor the soon to be weds with a customized star map to mark their days before marriage or consider gifting a map for their upcoming wedding! They’ll be sure to cherish their star map for years to come. 

Examples of what to say on your star map are:

  • Erika’s bachelorette weekend 2018
  • One man for the rest of her life
  • The stars the night of our crazy bachelorette weekend
  • Napa Valley Wine Trip - Bachelorette 2020

Customize your own star map here!

No matter the occasion, star maps make the perfect gift. You’ll find joy in the cheer star maps bring to the faces of your loved ones and we can’t wait to see how you decide to gift or style your star maps. Use our inspiration above to find the perfect occasion for gifting a star map or order one just because. We can’t wait to see where your adventures take you! Shine bright!

Claire, Reagan and Humphrey

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