Mothers Day: The Perfect Gift

No matter how big or small, there is no gift that can express the infinite love we have for our mothers. However, there is one thing most mothers share and that is sentiment for memories and the time they’ve spent with their families over the years. This Mothers’ Day, gift the gift of a memory to your mom- something she can never get back. Capture a moment in time, her favorite day or vacation, the day you were born, her birthday, anniversary or a life milestone. Our star maps allow you to tell your mother how much her presence means in your life. 

Want to know more about our star maps and all they entail? We have you covered. 

A star map is a frameable poster that captures a unique moment in your life through state of the art technology. Simply provide us with a particular date and location and we will do the rest of the work. We display a custom arrangement of the stars along with other fascinating astronomical objects at your particular date and location. No matter how you choose to customize your star map, your mom is sure to be in awe at the thought you put into her well deserved gift this year. We can assure you - our star maps speak for themselves. 

The date and location is not the only customizable feature of our star maps.  Simply select the location, date, and time, choose constellations, a font, star map color scheme and customize away. Personalize a map that will display seamlessly in your mothers closet, office, bathroom, bedside table and beyond. Remind your mom of your love for every corner she turns. Can’t pick just one memory? Consider creating a trilogy of maps that take her down memory lane for multiple milestones in life. The possibilities are endless! Regardless, she is bound to treasure her star map forever.

We hope we have convinced you to display your love for your mother this Mother’s Day through our unique and customizable gifts. Let’s take it one step further and decide what to write on the star map that will hold the memories that make your mom smile. Continue reading for ideas on what to write on your Mother’s Day star map today.

Things to Write on a Star Map for Mother’s Day:

Your mom is special- her star map should be too! We’ve compiled a list of our recommendations for the best Mother’s Day gift ever. Can’t decide? Choose more than one or combine two! 

  • You are the best thing that has happened to this family.
  • Our love for you is infinite! 
  • Thank you for everything you do.
  • We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.
  • Thank you, mom! 
  • You are the backbone of this family.
  • We love you. 
  • The stars aligned beautifully to show the amount of love we hold for you. 
  • Your smile shines bright as the stars above us. 
  • Even the stars are proud of you. 
  • Add an inside joke!
  • You are the brightest star in our lives. 
  • Look at the stars above you, they are the witness of our love for you. 
  • Nothing would have been possible without your help and guidance. 

No matter how you choose to display your love this Mother’s Day- your mom is sure to smile with this timeless gift. Show us how you customize your #MapYourNight star map by tagging @mapyournight #mapyournight on Instagram. We can’t wait to see.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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