Weddings and Starmaps

We all dream of that magical day, our wedding. Or not, but either way, the anticipation is real. We spend days, months, years planning this special day and with the blink of an eye it passes by. Some gather keepsakes, create memory books, compile a video montage or gather photos. How do we remember the special moments? A star map, of course!

A star map is a custom map featuring the night sky on any day in history. We use observatory data from multiple sources to pinpoint how the stars were on your special day. You can compare our data with any available software, as we guarantee accuracy! We love bringing the intimacy of your special day back into your home and the star map does just that!

What made your wedding special? Was it the location? The music? Your loved ones around you? We want to capture those special moments that make you grin from ear to hear. With a custom star map you can highlight that butterflies-in-your-stomach moment with custom text, fonts, coordinates and even the selection of constellations. 

We understand that every love story is different. After all, that’s the beauty of LOVE! Everyone is busy, especially if you’re a newly married couple. We want you to focus on your first steps together, so we have gathered inspiration from our favorite custom star maps to provide the ultimate list of what to feature on your custom star map: wedding edition. 

  1. The Special Day- Your anniversary is an important day and will live on with you forever! Highlight this once in a lifetime moment with a starmap that features the day and location of your marriage. Hang it in a shared space to bring a smile to your face daily!
  2. The Place You Met- Love sparks at the most unexpected times. Focus on the day, place and time where it all began with a star map that reminds you of new beginnings. After all, that day was the first day of the rest of your life. 
  3. Your Honeymoon - Feature the place where the celebration ensued. For many of us, our honeymoon is a rare and unique time in our lives where we travel, relax and spend time away from reality. What better moment in time to highlight than your honeymoon? Add the location from your tip and a catchy phrase to bring life to your star map. 
  4. The Proposal - The day many dream of for the entire lives. Were you surprised? Did you see it coming? How did you feel? We want to capture exactly how you felt the day of your proposal with a memory of the night sky and location it occurred. 
  5. Buying a New Home - The day you decided to interlock your lives and purchase your dream home. Not only does your new home need decor, but it needs the warm feeling and personalization that makes it YOU. 

Deciding on the personalization of your starmap can be the hardest part. Once you’ve settled on the day, location and memory you want to feature, consider creating a new memory with the way you present your star map to your loved one. Is your anniversary coming up? Does someone have a birthday around the corner? Are you about to hit a new milestone with your marriage? These are all wonderful moments to gift a star map to your loved one. Even better, consider treating yourself to a gift! 

We offer a myriad of customization options, from neutral hues to blues, you can’t go wrong. Channel the vibes of your wedding or match your custom star map to the decor of your new home. Add a special phrase that means something to you and your significant other or keep it simple with “I Love You”. 

There are so many ways to feature your custom star map in your home. Do you have a wedding keepsake? Add a frame and surround the map with keepsakes from your special day. Do you and a loved one share a closet or bathroom? Where is a common space in your home? If you want to smile each time you enter your home, add the star map to a space with lots of visibility. 

Can’t decide on one memory? Order two! Our custom star maps make perfect decor for above nightstands. No matter where you are or how you choose to feature your special wedding day, we can’t wait to see. Show us how you style your #mapyournight custom star map on socials by tagging @mapyournight on Instagram. We would love to feature you. 

Stay shining and congratulations on your wedding day! 

Love and light, 

Claire, Reagan and Humphrey

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